Hotel Schröckerhof
Inge & Heinz Schütter
Brandweg 20


Schaf-Alm, Schladming - Planai


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Alpine Wellness, what's that?

Hotel Schröckerhof, Schladming Planaizoom

Feel-good experiences for all 5 senses, and above all being able to unwind amid nature and find a sense of peace. That's what we mean by "Alpine Wellness".

Discover a feeling of total harmony out on our hotel terrace or in our surrounding meadows and forests. The clear, fresh mountain air, the intact nature and the magnificent panoramic view of the Dachstein massif leave you soon forgetting the grey daily routine, at the same time giving you renewed strength and energy.

Part of this picture is also a dose of good company. 
Experience this and more during your stay at Hotel Schröckerhof.


Out on easy hikes, which are suitable for the whole family, you will draw upon new sources of energy and experience the unforgettable "in"sights which greet you in the glorious mountain world of Styria.

Alpine Wellness in Schladming Dachsteinzoom

"Alpine Wellness" at Hotel Schröckerhof on the Fastenberg

  • You enjoy the unique location on the Fastenberg
    with breathtaking alpine panoramas  
  • You find places of total tranquility very close to our hotel,
    for example our own natural swimming pond
  • You find healthy sleep in our comfortable rooms  
  • You enjoy the magnificent panoramic views from our sauna  
  • You immerse yourself in our mountain world, on foot, by mountain bike, or simply from the balcony of your room
  • Time for you,
    time for your family
    and time that you can take back home with you.

Time for your thoughts, wishes and dreams -
having time for yourself!